Wet Steam Cleaners Most Popular Uses

CAR WASH: Mobile or Stationary High Speed Car washing
Cleaning Vehicles outdoors or in a wash bay
Cleaing Large Trucks, tractors and heavy equipment
Mobile or Stationary 70 GPH Car Wash service
Cleaning heavy factory equipment
Cleaning Boats & Air Craft
De-icing of pipes, roofs, vehicles
Cleaning & Sanitizing in Food Processing plants
Cleaning Commercial Kitchens with drains
Cleaning Greasy surfaces with high heat & soap
Cleaning & Sanitizing Loading Docks
Cleaning & Sanitizing Dumpsters
Cleaning Decks & Building siding
Cleaning Bricks & Concrete
And much more
WET STEAM: A Diesel Fired Wet Steam Cleaner is an amazing tool. If you are looking for the fastest option in steam for cleaning cars, trucks and equipment wet steam is it. The only real draw back is that they use much more water than dry steam. If using about a gallon of water per minute is acceptable, then perhaps the wet steam option is for you. Keep in mind that a wet steam cleaner uses far less water than a typical garden hose! The comparison is this, wet steam 70 GPH (Gallons Per Hour) and a typical garden hose will run at around 250 gallons per hour! Our wet steamers are still a relatively low water option. Wet steam has many advantages over dry steam. First and foremost is its speed. The sheer volume of water coming out of a wet steamer is highly effective in breaking the mechanical bonds that dirt or oils have to a surface. Next, the heat further releases dirt, grime and greases by breaking down their chemical bonds via heat. If that were not enough, you can always turn on your soap injection. Oh, Did I mention that our wet steam systems come with a 50' hose standard? They do! Upgradable to 100 feet!

UPGRADE: I want to point out that we have wet steam models that run as low as 70 GPH on up to 120 GPH. If you want higher water flows, we have you covered. More Water = Faster Cleaning & Rinsing

ULTRA COMBO CLASS: For not much more you can get our full combination, Diesel fired steam cleaner & hot pressure washer system. This amazing set is full feature without the full price. The unit actually has 4 modes of operation built in. First, Wet Steam, second cold water pressure washing up to 3000 PSI, third Hot Water pressure washing up to 3000 PSI and forth, Soap or Detergent injection in all modes!  Just flip a switch to pick the mode you want and go to work.

WATER SUPPLY: Unlike a Dry Vapor Steam Cleaner our wet steam our wet steam and pressure washer combination units connect directly to a garden hose. This is both an advantage and disadvantage depending upon your needs. The advantage of connecting a hose is that you will never have to stop to add water. The disadvantage is that you will have to have a good supply of water or access to a garden hose. If you want to rip through cars at your carwash I strongly recommend the combo unit. Go from steam to hot water pressure washing in seconds.  The unit I recommend for a car wash is the 1223-C-OEP. This unit uses only 2.3 GPH at 1200 PSI and of course, has the 70 GPH wet steam as well. We choose this unit based upon its lower water usage compared to the bigger units we offer. That being said the higher GPH units will clean faster but with more water usage.

PORTABILITY: Our Heavy Commercial Wet steam cleaners are on wheels and considered portable. You can easily roll them around your shop or push them up a ramp into the back of a van or truck. The reality is they are much less portable than a Dry vapor steam system but they are still portable. Our wet units range in weight from 300 to 400 lbs. A dry vapor system weighs in at about 55 lbs. Dry steam fits in your car, wet steamers don't. So, our wet steam or wet steam pressure washer combo units are indeed portable. You will need a power supply and a garden hose hook up OR water tanks on your truck or trailer. Dry steam cleaners need only a power supply and a gallon jug of water to work. If being ultra portable is at the top of your list you probably want to get a dry vapor steam cleaner. If maximum speed is your thing, check out our wet steam systems. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call. Thank you.
Our Heavy Commercial Wet Steam Cleaners have a host of applications both Janitorial and in the Car wash Detail industry. One of our more popular applications is the low water use Car Wash service. Be it in a bay, parking lot or shop wet steam cleaners deliver more power and clean faster. Be aware, a wet steam cleaner is not for use inside the car. They are ideal for the cars body, engine compartment, wheels, rims, wheel wells and the like. They are also perfect for cleaning your shop floors, walls, brick, concrete, commercial kitchens and so on. More below...
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