3 Great Dry Vapor Steam Cleaners
To fit your budget
Uses for Vehicles
Indoor Safe:
You can actually use one of our commercial vapor steam cleaners safely in your own home.
Of course, this means you can use it in your place of business, shop, detail center or even
wash cars inside of a parking garage! Perfect for detailing the inside & outside of cars.

Low Water Use:
Our 120V systems use only about 1 gallon of water for a full hour of non stop steaming! 3
GPH for the 230V. This low water requirement makes the Dry Vapor systems very portable!
Perfect for avoiding hassles from local government in regards to water usage!

Yes, you heard that right. When used correctly you will have ZERO water runoff and ZERO
water waste! Our dry vapor, commercial steam cleaners are second to none.

Our systems are so dry that when used right, there is no water that hits the ground when
washing a car. This means you will have ZERO water to recycle. No more expensive water
reclamation equipment, no more evaporative run off pits, no more fines! This give your
company a major edge when it comes to EPA and local environmental regulations. No
hassles are good hassles!

Our commercial dry steam cleaning systems are light weight, most work on a standard
outlet and do not require large supplies of water! This makes our systems EXTRA Mobile!

Our auto detailing dry steam cleaners range in price from a little over $1,000 to just under
$3,000! High quality, Italian made true commercial vapor steam cleaners. Other systems on
the market range from $4,000 to $7,000 and are made in China or Korea countries. Our
systems feature true first world craftsmanship.

The amazing thing about our portable, commercial grade dry vapor steam cleaners is how
easy it makes for the average man or woman to open a mobile car wash or mobile detailing
business. The second thing is how affordable it is. For a small fraction of what it would cost
to start a traditional car wash the lone wolf can break into the business fast. The learning
curve is a.most none, the investment in cash is very low and you can take your car wash or
automotive detail service directly to your customers. You can even wash their car inside the
home owners garage if you like. A steamer, a pile of micro fiber towels and some
determinations is all you need. Our systems are the perfect add-on to your existing
carwash or detail business. Commercial steam cleaners DOMINATE the detailing business!
There is NOTHING else on the market that comes even close to what steam can do for your
detailing business. Ask any automotive detailer that has used vapor steam.

The fact is that DRY vapor steam is not as fast as WET steam when it comes to
OUTDOOR work. Why? Wet steam has 70 times more water than dry. This gives it more
rinsing power. That being said, DRY Car washing is a pretty rapid process. Unlike other
methods, you actually accomplish two steps in one. You actually wash and dry the car at
the same time. Our 230V systems do an AMAZING JOB!  You see, the 230V versions hold
MUCH higher pressures and output a huge volume of dry vapor steam. This extra power give
you a major edge. We recommend the 230V version. Doing your final dry wipe down at the
same time as you are doing the wash saves time! That said, our 120V systems do a great
job. When combined with the hot water injection systems, you can wash a car fairly rapidly.

Versatility is what sets a dry commercial steam cleaner apart from a wet steam system.
You can use our systems on carpets, upholstery, leather, vinyl, plastic, glass and of course
the outside of the car. Vapor steam cleaners are outstanding in the automotive detailing

Another beautiful thing about our exclusive Dry Vapor Steam Cleaners are there many
accessories. All of our dry systems come with a full set of accessories. Use the horse hair
brushes for delicate work like fabrics and painted surfaces. Use the brass, stainless steel
or nylon brushes for thing like rusty metal, BBQ grills, tile and grout cleaning, spot cleaning
and more. Use the window squeegee for cleaning glass and mirrors. Don't forget the
included steam mop head! There are may more accessories that come with our units. See
product pages for specific accessories. Order replacements anytime!

Again, this dry vapor steam has just enough moisture in it to do the work but dry enough for
indoor use! Our systems boast from 95 to 95% dry vapor steam. Use indoors and out!

Most of our units feature hot water injection on demand. Many times you will find a little
extra super heated water in the steam flow is what it takes to clean the car. With most of
our systems this feature is just a push of a button away! Awesome for increasing the speed
of your car wash service. Ideal for those stubborn stains inside the car. DO NOT BUY a
steamer without hot water or hot soap injection.

Most of our units now feature HOT Soap injection! YES HOT SOAP! This feature is
amazing when used right. Perfect for using no rinse car wash fluids, car soaps or for
degreasing engines. Hot soap injection is another must have for the serious auto detailer or
mobile car wash professional.


When comparing Dry steam (1 to 3 GPH) to Wet steam (70-GPH) you will notice that they
really are two different animals with their own specific strengths and weaknesses. Wet
steam will blast a car clean about 3 times faster. The extra water volume of WET steam it
has a faster rinsing effect. This extra water will rinse off ice, salt, dirt and road dust faster
then dry steam. The down side of the wet steam is you will be consuming 1.2 gallons of
water per minute. Whereas a Dry steamer will use from one to three gallons PER HOUR!
Also keep in mind that our Wet steam cleaners cannot be used inside the car whereas
the Dry commercial steam cleaner is PERFECT for interior work as well as exterior. The
ideal situation is to have one of our world class WET steam cleaners in your car
wash bay for fast exterior work and one of our DRY vapor steam cleaners for the
inside of the car AND for the off site, mobile car wash job. The two work perfectly
together. If you can only have one, and plan on doing both inside and out and still want to
be mobile, chances are you want a Vapor Rino Dry vapor commercial steam cleaner. Give
us a call, we will do our best to match your need to the right system or systems.

  Hose Length:
Wet steam has one clear advantage... Hose Length. Our wet steamers and power washers
can handle hoses from 50 feet up to 100 feet long!!! That is very impressive. The reason is
that wet steam has a lot of mass. This mass of super heated water is compressed in the
hose before it explodes out of the tip. This compression allows for greater heat retention
over distance. Even if a little heat is lost and the steam condenses, the user doesn't really
notice since the steam is wet to begin with. On the other hand 95% dry steam has very
little mass and does not hold heat over large distances. For that reason we are limited in
hose size. Optimal hose length for an all electric dry vapor steam cleaners is between 12
and 15 feet. See our product pages for actual hose lengths. Any longer and the hose takes
a longer time to heat up, looses some of the heat and as a result gives a wetter steam at
reduced PSI. This wet steam is not desirable for car interiors. However, we believe our
steam hoses are the perfect length for detailing a car inside and out.

All in all it is clear that Dry Vapor Steam Cleaners are superior in MANY areas over
wet steam. As you have read, we steam has it's own advantages. Our Italian made
true heavy duty Dry Vapor, Commercial steam cleaners are second to none. If you are
in the auto detail business or want to offer a mobile dry car wash service and do not own a
dry vapor steam cleaner you are missing out. Once you work with steam inside of a car,
you will never want to work without one again. Yes, they are that good!

Vapor Rino makes the decision easy. Other units have few to no features, no or low quality
accessories and can cost from $4,000 to $7,000. Our units start at just over $1k on up to
about $3k. When you combine our unique features, powerful accessories AND Quality you 
see the clear winner. We hope you are excited. This year is shaping up to be a GREAT
year for the automotive detail and car wash industry. Gas prices are down and there
is a buzz in the air. Get your Vapor Rino unit today and get geared up for a good year!

If you have any questions, please, contact us by E-mail or give us a call. We will be happy
to answer your questions.
   Check out our contact page here.
Automotive Detailing & Car Washing With
Dry Vapor Steam
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Auto Detail & Car Washing With a Commercial
Wet Steam Cleaner
WET STEAM: A Diesel Fired Wet Steam Cleaner is an amazing tool. If you are looking for the fastest option in steam for cleaning cars, trucks and equipment wet steam is it. The only real draw back is that they use much more water than dry steam. If using about a gallon of water per minute is acceptable, then perhaps the wet steam option is for you. Keep in mind that a wet steam cleaner uses far less water than a typical garden hose! The comparison is this, wet steam 70 GPH (Gallons Per Hour) and a typical garden hose will run at around 250 gallons per hour! Our wet steamers are still a relatively low water option. Wet steam has many advantages over dry steam. First and foremost is its speed. The sheer volume of water coming out of a wet steamer is highly effective in breaking the mechanical bonds that dirt or oils have to a surface. Next, the heat further releases dirt, grime and greases by breaking down their chemical bonds via heat. If that were not enough, you can always turn on your soap injection. Oh, Did I mention that our wet steam systems come with a 50' hose standard? They do! Upgradable to 100 feet!

UPGRADE: I want to point out that we have wet steam models that run as low as 70 GPH on up to 120 GPH. If you want higher water flows, we have you covered. More Water = Faster Cleaning & Rinsing

ULTRA COMBO CLASS: For not much more you can get our full combination, Diesel fired steam cleaner & hot pressure washer system. This amazing set is full feature without the full price. The unit actually has 4 modes of operation built in. First, Wet Steam, second cold water pressure washing up to 3000 PSI, third Hot Water pressure washing up to 3000 PSI and forth, Soap or Detergent injection in all modes!  Just flip a switch to pick the mode you want and go to work.

WATER SUPPLY: Unlike a Dry Vapor Steam Cleaner our wet steam our wet steam and pressure washer combination units connect directly to a garden hose. This is both an advantage and disadvantage depending upon your needs. The advantage of connecting a hose is that you will never have to stop to add water. The disadvantage is that you will have to have a good supply of water or access to a garden hose. If you want to rip through cars at your carwash I strongly recommend the combo unit. Go from steam to hot water pressure washing in seconds.  The unit I recommend for a car wash is the 1223-C-OEP. This unit uses only 2.3 GPH at 1200 PSI and of course, has the 70 GPH wet steam as well. We choose this unit based upon its lower water usage compared to the bigger units we offer. That being said the higher GPH units will clean faster but with more water usage.

PORTABILITY: Our Heavy Commercial Wet steam cleaners are on wheels and considered portable. You can easily roll them around your shop or push them up a ramp into the back of a van or truck. The reality is they are much less portable than a Dry vapor steam system but they are still portable. Our wet units range in weight from 300 to 400 lbs. A dry vapor system weighs in at about 55 lbs. Dry steam fits in your car, wet steamers don't. So, our wet steam or wet steam pressure washer combo units are indeed portable. You will need a power supply and a garden hose hook up OR water tanks on your truck or trailer. Dry steam cleaners need only a power supply and a gallon jug of water to work. If being ultra portable is at the top of your list you probably want to get a dry vapor steam cleaner. If maximum speed is your thing, check out our wet steam systems. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call. Thank you.
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  230V Dry Steam 145 PSI
Soap & Water Injection
Commercial Steam Cleaner
  120V Dry Steam 145 PSI
Soap & Water Injection
Commercial Steam Cleaner
Heated Wet 120 PSI
Upholstery Cleaner
  Auto Detail Extractor
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