Discount Offers on Vapor Steam Cleaners
Although it does not happen often, from time to time we have a new unit that is damaged in shipping. When this happens we repair or replace the steam cleaner and take back the damaged unit. Dented or scratched units are then tested, re-packaged and listed here for resale at a discount. Check back from time to time. Thank you for shopping Vapor Rino!
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dented / scratched or Reconditioned unit at discount
--- General Reconditioned Item Terms: As with all dented, scratched, or reconditioned units you may expect, besides the described information above, scuff marks, scratches or minor pings / dents and signs that the unit was handled, tested and repacked. All re-boxed or reconditioned units are FULLY tested and inspected for quality control. Re-boxed or restored units are sold as is. There are no returns. You may not return the item if you find scuff marks, scratches or other minor damage not described in the offer. These may occur during shipping or packing. The large discount offered in the price is designed to compensate for such instances. The only exception to the no return policy is if the steamer is defective meaning non operational. Not liking the performance, appearance or it not being useful for your special needs are not grounds for return. If you are not sure that this kind of equipment is for you perhaps you should give us a call before ordering or do some research on this particular technology.

--- What is a reconditioned unit?
At times, though this is very rare a customer will receive a new steamer and find cosmetic blemishes, damage or mechanical problem often caused by the shipping process. In such cases we have UPS pick up the steamer and send the customer a new replacement steamer. We then test, clean and if needed make minor repairs. Once Fully inspected the unit is re-packaged and sold as reconditioned at a discount. The word reconditioned can mean repair was done but in most cases it simply means inspected and tested and re-boxed.

One Almost New: 120V Vapor Rino
145 PSI Commercial Vapor Steam Cleaner at Discount
For sale in the lower 48
US States only
Call to Order...
Almost new. Purchased and received some damage in shipping.100% operational only cosmetic damage and a kinked hose. Hose works 100%. The 4 scratched photos below this text are of the actual unit you will receive. Comes with all accessories and parts. Unit received considerable scratches when returned to us due to poor packing by the end user. Estimated age of unit, 2 hours’ actual use maybe less. This unit is/was a brand new unit never put into service. Fully functional with only cosmetic damage. Full warranty applies. Sold AS IS. No returns for any reason other than the unit being broken/nonfunctional. Fully tested, 100% working. Expect scratches and rub marks. This is a fantastic deal. A virtually new machine for hundreds less then new!
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