230 Volt Generator Hook-up ((A Must Watch)) This video will show you how to connect a 230Volt Vapor Rino to a generator! A MUCH WATCH for those considering working with a generator. Seeing is understanding.
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Dry Car Wash with a Vapor Rino
Watch us wash this muddy truck door with nothing but DRY Vapor Steam. No hot water injection, just dry steam all using the 120V Vapor Rino. The Silver Car is used with both hot water injection and dry steam. Both systems were 120 volt units. Get our 230 Volt version for even faster results.
End User Submitted Video...
Auto Detailing - Upholster Cleaning W/Steam
Amazing footage of our 120 Volt Vapor Rino in action. Watch us tackle the inside of that same Dodge truck you saw in the carwash video. Our High PSI Vapor Steam Cleaners can make easy work on many of the tasks an auto detailer faces inside the car or truck.
Automotive Detailing - Cleaning a Golf Cart
See the 120 Volt Vapor Rino tackle this old golf cart. Watch us restore the Vinyl Seats (leather Cleaning), clean wheels, rims, restore plastic windows and much more. Great video. It will help you learn how you can use your new Vapor Rino.
Vapor Rino Promo Video - It's Here!
A short dramatic video boasting about the basic features of the Vapor Rino 145 PSI System.
"Farrari vrs Vapor Rino" Dry Car Wash
This video was given to us by an end user that purchased our system. In this video they are using a 120 volt, 145 PSI Vapor Rino to dry car wash a high end vehicle, a Farrari. Keep up the god work, we love the videos.
Dry Carwash PART-1 Winter Car Wash!
How fast can you clean a car with our dry car wash vapor steam cleaning systems? Lets take a look. We will be using a small 120V system in the class of the VS900 water or VS900 soap systems. Easy work, fast results, winter or summer! Remember, a 230 Volt system means more power and speed!
Dry Carwash PART-2 Winter Car Wash!
Part 2 will show us cleaning a wheel, rim, the bumper, the injection in use and we will show the removal of some sticker glue on a headlight! Done with a120V commercial vapor steam cleaner in the class of the VS900 water or VS900 soap systems. Easy work, winter or summer! More Power? 230 Volt system means more power and speed!
Leather Seat Cleaning - Auto Detailing
Clean Leather Seats INSTANTLY! Steam really does the job. This was a video we produced many years ago. You will see one of our smaller systems totally restore this dirty leather seat. We now offer ULTRA SOFT Horse Hair brushes! They are perfect for this kind of work. Easy, Fast, Effective! Dry Vapor Steam Cleaners work.
End User Submitted Video...
1955 Chevy - Engine Cleaning - Auto Detailing
This video was given to us by an end user that purchased our system. See them clean the engine of this restored classic truck. Pay close attention to when they activate the chemical injection. Their soap solution is thin so it may be hard to notice if your not watching close.
Dry Car Wash - Porsche 911 - No Clay?
This video was given to us by an end user that purchased our system. See them dry carwash this Porsche, use the injection system on the wheels, glass and more. Testimony on efficency and time saving uses.
Corvette Z06 - Protection Pack - Auto Detailing
This video was given to us by an end user that purchased our system. You will see them simultaneously dry car washing AND applying wax at the same time. Fast and efficient. They are using a 120V Rino. Can you imagine if they had the King Class, 230V? Either way, steam works!
Tile and Grout Cleaning - Made Easy!
Watch one of our smaller vapor steam cleaners cleaning tile and grout. TIME TEST FOOTAGE. How fast can a 120V steamer clean floor grout? Results may vary but the video speaks for itself. The 230 Volt versions will do the job faster!
HVAC - Air Conditioner - AC Coil Cleaning
Watch us clean a home and a commercial air conditioning system.  We will be using a small system like the VS900 systems. Remember, a 230 Volt system means more power and speed!  Dry steam has thousands of powerful uses. Use your imagination, experiment and explore!
Commercial Bathroom / Restroom - Janitorial
This is some of our oldest footage shot about a decade ago. We were using a small system like the VS900 systems. Great for cleaning & sanitizing sinks, toilets, walls, floors, urinals, handles, fixtures and more. An amazing Janitorial Tool.
End User Submitted Video...
End User Submitted Video...
Demo Videos
VC 5000-Ci - Everything you need to know!
230 Volt Vapor Rino Automotive Detailing - IN ACTION...
This video shows us detailing a dirty KLR 650 Motorcycle with the 145 PSI Vapor Rino Dry Steam System. Watch the performance of the Vapor Rino 230V King Class Dry Vapor Steam Cleaner. Notice the and demand, gun activated hot water and soap injection. The VR 145 King Class is the ideal mobile or stationary detail cleaner. Dry steam mode running at around 2.5 gallons of water PER HOUR and even with the injection system on it still only uses around 4.5 gallons per hour! Incredibly efficient, environmentally friendly, low water use and most importantly, highly effective. If you are in the cleaning industry you owe it to yourself to give a Vapor Rino 230 Volt system serious consideration. Thank you for watching
230V Vapor Rino King Class IN ACTION...
Video shows upholstery cleaning both with & without the new 3 in 1! New 3 in 1 Extractor videos coming soon. Rino, amazing in every way! This is an amazing view of the Vapor Rino 145 PSI Steam system cleaning a large number of surfaces. From dry car washing, auto detailing, crayon removal on walls, mildew, tile and grout, candy removal from fabric, cleaning lawn equipment, cleaning engines, and so much more. See the impressive power of dry vapor steam in action and learn about the many world class features of this remarkable system. Vapor Rino, impressive power, amazing quality and versatility all at a fantastic price point. Beware of imitators and those that will mislead you. There is only ONE Vapor Rino vapor steam cleaning sytem! You have found it.
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