Accessory: Wallpaper Remover / Bedbug Killer / Heat Concentration


  • Accessory: Wallpaper Remover / Bedbug Killer / Heat Concentration


This Stainless Steel steam attachment is designed to concentrate heat. It encapsulates dry vapor steam to deliver super-heated steam to surfaces such as carpet, floors or mattresses for the purposes sanitizing. Also Removing logos, Decals & wall paper. Our steamers deliver super-heated dry vapor steam at temperatures well over 220 degrees F. DECAL & LOGO REMOVAL from Vehicles, STICKER REMOVAL, WALL PAPER REMOVAL Sanitizing for Bed bugs, fleas, dust mites, scabies, and other insects and biological contaminates die at temperatures above 140 Degrees. Our steamers and attachments deliver massive heat to kill on contact when done properly! Multi-Use! This item has many uses beyond pest control. Some examples are removing lettering and logos from the side of commercial vehicles, removing wall paper, softening up vinyl floors for removal, softening thick layers of paint on old buildings for scraping, sanitizing of floors and furniture. The attachment is made of commercial grade stainless steel and is ruggedly built & designed for the commercial user. A quality took that often last a lifetime! A great tool. Fits both the Vapor Rino’s 120v and 240v versions. Also fits the VC4000-C, VC5000-Ci and the 4000-S.