Accessory: One Medium TRIANGLE brush, approx. 3″ wide with STAINLESS STEEL bristles


  • Approximately 2 3/4 inches wide, TRIANGLE shape and BRASS Cleaning Brushes –


Replacement Accessory: Sold individually. This beautiful, STAINLESS STEEL bristled brush is approximately 3 inches wide with a TRIANGLE Shape designed to help you get into corners easily.  This brush fits on the detail nozzles. Will fit either of the single hole nozzles. It is designed with two spray settings when used with the 3 hole detail nozzle. Used for heavy cleaning where stiff scrubbing action is needed. Stainless Steel is the hardest just ahead of brass. Clustered tightly providing a much finer & more complete cleaning of many surfaces. Used with the Vapor Rino 200 PSI, Chemical Injection vapor steam cleaner. Fits both the Vapor Rino’s 120v and 240v versions. Also fits the VC4000-C, VC5000-Ci and the 4000-S. Will fit on either the single hole or the three hole nozzles. Great for commercial kitchen surfaces, rusty metal and heavy duty cleaning.