Accessory: Extension POLE 18″ long – Easy reach/ stand & clean poles


  • Accessory: Extension POLE 18″ long – Easy reach poles


Replacement Accessory: Sold individually. 18 Inch Short Extension Pole. As you can see we offer true commercial quality accessories. Our stand & clean vapor steam cleaner poles are made of high quality insulated aluminum, not cheap plastic!  18″ SHORT POLE: This is one of the two Long extension poles included with your steamers kit. I am 5’10” tall.This make for the perfect reach for cleaning scrubbing floors without bending over. Also, attaches to our other 9″ pole for even more reach. All three go together making for a very long extension. Perfect for scrubbing or wiping down floors, ceilings and walls. A great tool. Fits both the Vapor Rino’s 120v and 240v versions. Also fits the VC4000-C, VC5000-Ci and the 4000-S.