Accessory: Steam Squeegee – For glass & hard surfaces


  • Accessory: Steam Squeegee – For glass & hard surfaces


Replacement Accessory: Sold individually. Window / Glass & Hard Surface Squeegee. This great tool comes standard with most of our steam cleaner packages. A simple tool that attaches to your steam gun or to the end of an extension pole. Can be used on glass, mirrors, commercial kitchen stainless steel walls and table tops. Along the 9″ rubber squeegee edge is a series of approximately 15 steam ports that jets out dry vapor steam. You can pre-mist the surface to moisten it with the steam or just steam while you squeegee. An important part of any true commercial vapor steam cleaner kit. A great tool. Fits both the Vapor Rino’s 120v and 240v versions. Also fits the VC4000-C, VC5000-Ci and the 4000-S.