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Warranty - Dry Vapor Systems
1 Year Parts & Labor | 2 Years Parts Only | Lifetime of the Boiler

Warranty free for all new: Vapor Rino 145 120V, Vapor Rino 230V, VC 5000-ci, VC 4000-c, VC 4000-s

For details and optional warranty upgrades see...
Can I use a Generator?
--- YES you can! In fact, with the help of a generator, you can go 100% mobile. These steam systems are all electric, full commercial & industrial grade and require no fuel. All you need is a power source be it a wall outlet or a generator. Our 120V version works on a standard household outlet. Same kind you find all over your home if you are in the US.


* 230V Vapor Rino 160 PSI = Minimum 6,000+ Watts continuous running power
. . . . . . (with a vacuum on at the same time as the Rino)

* 230V Vapor Rino 160 PSI = Minimum 4,500+ Watts continuous running power
. . . . . . (running only the Vapor Rino, no other tools plugged in)

* 120V Vapor Rino 145 PSI = Minimum 4,500+ Watts continuous running watt
. . . . . . (with a vacuum on at the same time as the Rino)

* 120V Vapor Rino 145 PSI = Minimum 3,000+ Watts continuous running watt
. . . . . . (running only the Vapor Rino, no other tools plugged in)

* VC 5000-Ci, 72 PSI, 120V = Minimum 3,000+ Watts continuous running watt
. . . . . . (running only 5000-ci)

* VC 4000-C, 72 PSI, 120V = Minimum 3,000+ Watts continuous running watt
. . . . . . (running only 4000-c )

NOTE: If you are going to use the Vapor Rino WITHOUT a vacuum or WITHOUT ANY other devices you may work with smaller generator sizes. MINIMUM sizes with NOTHING Else plugged in are as follows. 120V used alone can run on a 3,000-running watt generator. Bigger is always better. The 230Volt Rino can be run on as little as a 4,500-RUNNING/Continuous watt generator. Bigger is better. NOTE: “Running watts” are not the same as “Peek” or “Surge wattage”. Always buy a generator based on the lesser power rating on the box, often called the “Running” or “Continuous” watts/power output.

Many generators are advertised with their surge power capacity shown in big numbers on the box. These surge powers are only sustainable for very short bursts. You want to know what the actual nonstop RUNNING watts are. The running watts are always lower than the peek surge watts.

When buying a generator, you might see the box say something like "8000 Watts with 6000 Watts running power". Always look for the lower running / continuous wattage output number. Do not accept the first number you read when buying a generator. Read closer. Running any electronic device on an under powered generator will damage the circuitry! Get the right generator and you are good to go.

When picking a generator for our 230V system (ignore the following if you are getting a 120V steamer) we recommend getting one that has the 240-volt outlet in the form of a 4-prong twist lock. This outlet number type is a NEMA “L14-30”. There is an adaptor available on Amazon that works great with the Vapor Rino. (See 230v specifications on the 230v page for a link to this adaptor) This plug takes the 4 prong L14-30 and reduces it down to a 3 prong 6-20/15R. These American NEMA 6-15 three prong adaptors match the plug on the 230V Vapor Rino. If you are buying a 120V system, you can ignore this information. You can find a link to the Amazon page on the specifications tab on the 230V Vapor Rino page.

Why buy a bigger generator with higher running watts?
Several reasons. Fist, this gives you some room for error and offers more protection to your steam cleaner investment. Example: If you had a 2000 W generator running an 1800W machine that generator would be running at almost 100% capacity all the time. The generator will run hard and hot, make more noise, wear out much faster and risk sending electrical spikes and surges into your new commercial steam cleaner. This may damage the system electronics. This kind of DAMAGE can be repaired but it IS NOT UNDER WARANTY. Also, if someone unknowingly plugs something else into your generator having a higher wattage generator gives you a safety margin protecting both your machines and your generator. Remember, an over taxed generator WILL burn out fast and may damage electronics. Our warranty does not cover damage created by a generator or improper use. Always use appropriate, well tested power source. This is not a corner to cut.
Can I Get a 230V Steam Cleaner?
Yes, on some systems like our 160 & 145psi Vapor Rino. See our products page for more info. Our 230V versions are amazing boasting recovery times of as little as 20 to 30 seconds. They hold around 90 PSI during extended nonstop use and bounce back to 145 PSI very quickly! More steam = more power = faster cleaning times. We now have a converter that gives you INSTANT 230 Volts from two household outlets. See menu for converter.
What is the PSI or BARS of pressure it produces?
1) PSI: Stands for POUNDS PER SQUARE INCH, its a measurement of pressure.

2) BARS: Is the European systems to measure pressure. Each BAR is = to 14.5 PSI. Example, 10 Bars = 145 PSI.

3) Most of our units come with gauges that show both PSI and Bars

We offer various units for sale. Our large VR145 Vapor Rino commercial vapor steam cleaner produces 145 PSI (10 bars) Maximum pressure. America's most powerful 120Volt all electric, c