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EXTRACTOR KIT: The pictures below are of the OPTIONAL steam upholstery cleaning extractor kit. As you can see from the pictures below the main vapor steam/extraction hose is a state of the art, high quality, thermo molded fusion between a steam feed and vacuum hose. This quick release hose attaches directly to the front of the Vapor Rino VR145 commercial steam cleaner. Works for the 120 Volt and 230 Volt system alike. The other end has an included, attached gun assembly with finger and thumb activated controls. The hose also comes with 6 accessories specifically designed to mount on the dual vacuum/steam hose's gun. These accessories are specifically designed for cleaning upholstery like you find in cars, trucks and even office chairs and the like. This kit allows for steaming or injecting while simultaneously extracting (sucking up) the injected steam and or soap solution along with the dirt from the fabric. See video for a demo on this in action. The animated picture above to the right illustrates this process.

PLEASE NOTE: A suction source meaning a Vacuum or Extractor is NOT included. You can use your own wet/dry vacuum or if you have one, your old extractor. We did this to save you time & money! Listen to the video below for more on this topic. Most people already own a wet/dry shop vacuum but if you don't, you can find very good one at any hardware super store often for under a hundred dollars. Always get a strong vacuum. We recommend a 6-hp wet dry vac. The one shown in the video we picked up for $99 at a local hardware superstore and it works fantastic. Hose sizes that will work are 1"1/2 or 1"1/4.

Do you have a 120 volt or 230 Volt Vapor Rino VR145 commercial steam cleaner purchased AFTER September, 2016? If so, you can easily upgrade your system to do upholstery shampooing and extracting! This hose set plugs right into the front of your Vapor Rino, where your main steam hose goes now. Simply connect a suction source like an old shop vacuum or perhaps your extractors suction tube to the back of your Vapor Rino 145  and bam, your vapor steam cleaner now turns into a low water, high temperature vapor steam and wet soapy steam extractor! Steam cleans better! The Vapor Rino industrial Steam Cleaner gives you choices!
Vapor Rino VR145  120V & 230V
Accessory Kit
Optional - Full Extraction Kit - Vapor Rino Extraction Steam / Suction Hose with included Gun 4 inch CLEAR upholstery extraction head! Allows you to see what you are cleaning - Awesome
One 1-hole and one 3-hole jetted nozzle. Can be used with brushes. Also shown crevice tool and small upholstery head Shown with suction heads attached to nozzles. Nozzles can be used without heads with or without brushes to steam clean surfaces Vacuum not included -  Picture shows vac hose attached to suction port in the back of the Vapor Rino Commercial Steam Cleaner
Vapor Rino, Simply Beautiful!  Shows the Vapor Rino Mobile Steam Cleaner set up for Deep Upholstery Cleaning with an extractor Impressive Power! Shows the extraction set blasting out dry vapor steam. With a push of a button you can inject hot soap or hot water! Bam, One Machine, Thousands of Uses! Series of photos turned into an animated GIF file. This is Real Actual footage of the extractor in use. See video for more
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International Sales 1-910-325-7122
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