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Vapor Rino
Dealers Application
Thank you for your desire to establish a wholesale or retail vendor account with Vapor Rino. Please take some time to review the following information and fill out the pre application form below. Once completed we will review the information provided. Once we have received and accepted this pre application form we will contact you and then send you the complete dealer application form for final approval.
If you have been approved as an official Vapor Rino vendor you will be issued an account ID allowing you to purchase and resell approved products. At that time we will issue you a media packet and you will be able to begin listing and selling the Vapor Rino right away. Thank you for your time.
Warning: Be sure to enter the color coded Human Verification code at the bottom EXACTLY as it appears in the box. The letter are CASE SENSITIVE. If you mistype, you will have to start over. A Valid E-mail is also required. Thank you.
Note: We are no longer accepting applications.
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