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A beautiful piece of Equipment! Powerful and Portable.
• 120 Volt 1800 Watts
Vapor Rino is constantly trying to improve and grow to meet our customers needs. New with the Viper Hot Auto Wash is the ability to switch between hot water injection and chemical injection without having to empty your chemical jug! You see, in the past if you were using hot water injection and wanted to switch to chemical or soap injection you had to empty the injector tank (seen on back right of unit) and fill it with soap when you wanted to use it. This is how the 5000-Ci or VS900-C works. The Viper is breaking ground with this new technology! You see, you can have your soap loaded and ready to use. Simply push a button and it comes out mingled with the steam flow. A powerful tool. By the way, just in case you didn't know, this unit also puts out 95% dry vapor steam as well! When you want hot water, you simply push a button on the machine and you get hot water mingled with the steam. This hot water comes from the boiler for instant access to super heated water injection any time you want it. You can also fill the chemical tank with simple tap water. This allows you to use hot water injection without taking from your boiler. Great for washing cars and much more. No matter how you slice it, this is a POWERFUL upgrade. We here at Vapor Rino are proud to offer you this dual injection system, continuous fill, commercial dry vapor steam cleaner. To top it off we are offering it at an unheard of price for such power & technology! POWER, QUALITY and VALUE all in one unit. Italian made, first world craftsmanship.

The Viper Hot Auto Wash Fantastic machine for the automotive detailing business and for a mobile dry car wash. With dry steam only or in combination with the hot soap (or hot water)  injection it does a great job cleaning the exterior of cars. Simply open the car door and without switching machines you can begin detailing the entire inside of the car. Great on leather seats! You auto detailers will love this, horse hair brushes available in 3" triangle and 1" detail brush sizes.... INCLUDED!
Mobile and ready when you are the ultra portable Viper Hot Auto Wash gets the job done! Running off of a standard household 115 volt outlet it has NO special power requirements and it does not require the use of fossil fuels unlike some of those other excessively high priced dry car wash machine running thousands of dollars. This means you can use our world class commercial vapor steam cleaner outdoors & indoors even in your own living room! Yes, you can clean cars inside of a dealership showroom even during business hours. No fumes, No odors No emissions just pure sanitary vapor steam! Want to go 100% mobile or off grid? No problem, just connect our system to a generator and you are free to clean anywhere. We recommend a generator with minimum of 4000 running watts and peek power higher. Did we mention its amazing low water usage? This unit uses just over 1 gallon of water per whole hour of NON STOP steaming! Perfect for cleaning cars during drought and in water restricted zones. Never does even one drop of water have to hit the ground! ZERO WATER WASTE!
Want something more? The Vapor Rino 145 145 PSI system is bigger and meaner in the 230V version. It is ideal for all of the applications mentioned above but the Vapor Rino system it is more expensive. If you are on a budget the Viper Hot Auto Wash 72.5 PSI system will do an amazing job and is top shelf in its class. Don't let the lower price discourage you! This baby can do the same kind of work the VR145 can do. It just has lower peek PSI and a sleek compact design.
The Viper Hot Auto Wash is fantastic in the Janitorial business and great for applications such as cleaning floor grout, tile & hard surfaces. It makes a great steam mop for hardwood, tile & linoleum. Great for cleaning sinks, toilets, commercial cooking equipment, degreasing parts and much much more. The automotive detail industry had recently discovered dry vapor steam and it is a runaway hit. Phrases like "I don't know how I ever worked without one" and "vapor steam is a MUST have item to detail cars" are popping up all over the place. Why? Simple, there is no better detail cleaning device on the planet! With that said, the Viper Hot blows the competition away. It has high PSI, high wattage AND Chemical or Hot water injection ON DEMAND! Most on the market offer lower pressure, low wattage and no injection system at all. Combine that with the continuous flow dual tank steam generation system AND the insanely low price we were able to negotiate for this unit.  By far one of the best choices on the market for the budget conscious professional consumer.
3 Horse Hair Brushes Included!
One- 3" Triangle Horse Hair Brush
Two- 1" Detail Horse Hair Brush
Something New, Something Great:
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Straight Talk - Common Phone Call Questions:
We get many calls about the Viper Hot Auto Wash, the VS900 and the Big Vapor Rino VR145. The questions all usually pretty much the same.
Here we will post a few of the question and provide the answer. Straight forward answers to straight forward questions.

1) What is the difference between the Viper Hot Auto Wash and the VS-900 Water Injected Commercial Steam Cleaners?
Great Question! There are a few small differences between these world class commercial steam cleaners. The MAIN difference is that the Viper Hot Auto Wash has hot SOAP injection and the VS-900 Mobile does not. Both units offer hot water injection on demand as well as 95% dry vapor steam cleaner mode. Other than this one feature, the two units are very close in function, capabilities and ability to perform in a professional environment.  You can see the comparison chart for a side by side layout of specs.

Auto Detailing: Which unit is better for interior Automotive Detailing?
Frankly they will both work about the same. It is possible that in some cases while detailing you will want hot soap injection inside the car but for the most part, you don't. Simply pre-treat (if needed) with your favorite spray on cleaner and steam.  For Auto Detail work INSIDE the car, you really do not need a chemical injected system. That makes the VS-900 Mobile Water injected unit a great fit.

Dry Car Wash: Out of these two units which unit is better for running a Dry Car Wash?
The Viper Hot Auto Wash or any of our soap injected commercial steam cleaners are best suited for a car wash service.  Why? When doing the outside of a car speed matters. Dry steam alone works fine but when you turn on the hot water injector you can GREATLY increase the speed at which you wash a car. Now, the soap injected models allow you to add water to the tank instead of soap. This allows you to use the hot water injector as much and as often as you like without effecting your boiler. The VS-900-Mobile takes the water for the injection system directly from the boiler. Both will work but the 900 will steal hot water from the boiler. If you use the hot water injection too much, you will lower your boiler temperature and effect performance.  With the Viper Hot Auto Wash (or our other soap systems) you can fill the soap bottle with tap water and use it as much as you like as often as you like without worry.

Tile & Grout Cleaning: Which Commercial Steam Cleaner is best for Tile & Grout Cleaning?
Both units will perform the same. If that is all you are looking for buy the less expensive of the units. Hot soap injection is not used when cleaning floor tile and grout.  I would buy the VS900 Mobile -Water Injected unit. If you want maximum power and the fastest results, the big VR 145 PSI, 230V commercial steam cleaner will be your dream unit. That said, the smaller units dominate this field.

Greasy Commercial Kitchens: Which unit is best for cleaning a greasy Commercial Kitchen?
Although we always recommend a soap injected unit for a commercial kitchen the non soap injected units do a great job as well. With that said, there is no substitute for having hot soap injected right into the steam stream. This along with a brass or stainless steel brush can do an amazing job on an old deep fryer or carbonized grill. I recommend a soap injected system. Higher PSI is always a plus.
Click For Larger Image...
Automotive Detailing Steam Cleaner Dry Car Wash Vapor Rino Systems
Golf Cart Steam Cleaner Viper Hot Dry Carwash Steam Cleaner cleans a bumper
Some of the many things you can do with a 72.5 PSI Viper Hot Auto Wash.
Steam in Use
Viper Hot Videos coming Soon
3 Horse Hair Brushes Now Included!
One- 3" Triangle Horse Hair Brush
Two- 1" Detail Horse Hair Brush
1" Nylon Detail Brush...................................  3

Horse Hair Detail Brush...........................  2

Horse Hair Triangle Brush.......................  1

Three hole nozzle........................................  1

Single Hole Detail Nozzle............................  1

5" Large Triangle Brush...............................  1
with built in cloth clips

9" Window Steam Squeegee.......................  1

11.5" Large Floor Brush/mop tool.................  1

Two 18" Stand-n-Clean extension poles.......  2

One 12" Steam hose / Gun set......................  1
FREE BONUS -- Now Included Free!
FREE BONUS -- Now Included Free!
Name of Part                                      Quantity        Image
Included Accessories...
Specifications: Viper Hot 72.5 PSI 120 Volt Vapor Steam Cleaning System
Intended Use: Full Commercial / Industrial Use
Voltage:  120 Volts
Wattage & Amps:  1,800-W = 15 Amps at 120V
Power Cord: 12 feet long
Maximum PSI:  72.5 PSI
Maximum BARS:  5 Bars
Steam Hose: 12' Detachable & Replaceable Hose
Output Mode #1:  Hot 95% Dry Vapor Steam Output - 100% Adjustable Steam Flow
Output Mode #2:  Hot Chemical or Soap Injected into the Steam Flow
Output Mode #3:  Hot Water Injection into the Steam Flow - Fully Adjustable Injection Flow -  Perfect for rinsing & cleaning many surfaces. NEW: Draw water from the chem jug or directly from the boiler!
Gun Activation: Both Steam and Injection Features are easily Activated from the Steam Gun for on demand use!
Boiler Type: Dual Tank Continous Fill (easy refill)
Non Stop Steaming Time: Continuous - add water any time without shutting down
Boiler Material: Stainless Steel Boiler
Internal Flow Control: Safety Selenoid Steam Flow Control
Internal Steam Generator Capacity: 2.6 Liters
Boiler System Total Capacity including Refill: 4.6 Liters
Boiler Refill Tank on top of unit: 2 Liters
Total Fluid Capacity: 6.6 Liters includes boiler system & Injections system
Heating Time: Approximatlly 20 minutes from cold to ready to steam.
Internal Boiler Tempature: Over 300 Degrees F.
Steam Tempature at Nozzle Tip: Produces up to 210° to 240° Fahrenheit (98° to 115° C.)
Weight: 25 Pounds    Size: 12H x 12W x 18L  inches
Mobile Unit:  Yes
Manual Inlcuded: Yes
Body: High Grade Stainless Steel Body & Boiler
Color: Silver - Stainless Steel with Black Trim
1" Nylon Detail Brush...................................  3

1"  Horse Hair Detail Brush...........................  2

3"  Horse Hair Triangle Brush.......................  1

Three hole nozzle........................................  1

Single Hole Detail Nozzle............................  1

5" Large Triangle Brush...............................  1
with built in cloth clips

9" Window Steam Squeegee.......................  1

11.5" Large Floor Brush/mop tool.................  1

Two 18" Stand-n-Clean extension poles.......  2

One 12' Steam hose / Gun set.......................  1
FREE BONUS -- Now Included Free!
FREE BONUS -- Now Included Free!
Name of Part                                  Quantity        Image
Included Accessories...
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120 Volts
1,700 Watt
Can I use a Generator?
--- YES you can! In fact, with the help of a generator, you can go 100% mobile! These units are full electric and require no fuel. All you need is a power source be it a wall outlet or a generator. Our 120V version works on a standard household outlet. Same kind you find all over your home if you are in the US.


* 120V 15A Systems Minimum 4,000+ Watts continuous running power
* 230V 15A Systems Minimum 6,000+ Watts continuous running power

Many generators are advertised with their surge power capacity shown in big numbers on the box. These surge powers are only sustainable for very short bursts. You want to know what the actual RUNNING watts are. The running watts are always lower than the peek surge watts.

When buying a generator, you might see the box say something like "8000 Watts with 6000 Watts running power". Always look for the lower running / continuous wattage output number. Do not accept the first number you read when buying a generator. Read closer. Running any electronic device on an under powered generator will damage the circuitry! Get the right generator and you are good to go.

Why these high running watts?
Several reasons. Fist, this gives you some room for error and offers more protection to your steam cleaner investment. Example: If you had a 2000 W generator running an 1800W machine that generator would be running at almost 100% capacity all the time. The generator will run hard and hot, make more noise, wear out much faster and risk sending electrical spikes and surges into your new commercial steam cleaner. This may damage the system electronics. This kind of DAMAGE can be repaired it IS NOT UNDER WARANTY. Also, if someone unknowingly plugs something else into your generator the higher wattage gives you a safety margin protecting both your machines and your generator. Remember, an over taxed generator WILL burn out fast and damage electronics. Our warranty does not cover damage created by a generator or improper use. Always use appropriate, well tested power source. This is not a corner to cut.
Can I Get a 230V Steam Cleaner?
Yes, on some systems like our 145psi Vapor Rino. See our products page for more info. Our 230V versions are amazing boasting recovery times of as little as 20 to 30 seconds. They hold around 90 PSI during extended nonstop use and bounce back to 145 PSI very quickly! More steam = more power = faster cleaning times. We now have a converter that gives you INSTANT 230 Volts from two household outlets. See menu for converter.
What is the PSI or BARS of pressure it produces?
1) PSI: Stands for POUNDS PER SQUARE INCH, its a measurement of pressure.

2) BARS: Is the European systems to measure pressure. Each BAR is = to 14.5 PSI. Example, 10 Bars = 145 PSI.

3) Most of our units come with gauges that show both PSI and Bars

We offer various units for sale. Our large VR145 Vapor Rino commercial vapor steam cleaner produces 145 PSI (10 bars) Maximum pressure. America's most powerful 120Volt all electric, chemical injected vapor steam cleaner as of 2015! We have other systems that are 5.5 bars or 80 PSI. Check individual product pages for specific specifications for each product or give us a call!
What does GPH or GPM mean?

* GPH Stands for Gallons Per HOUR of water used.

* GPM Stand for Gallons Per MINUTE of water used.
230 Volt or 120 Volt??? -- Help Me Choose Please - Some Points To Consider...
Either choice is a winner! The Vapor Rino 145 is king in the both the 120 volt and 230 volt all electric dry vapor, commercial steam cleaner class. No matter which unit you get, you are getting the best of the best. Maximum PSI is exactly the same in both units. That said the units perform differently. The 230 V has about 3 times the output of the 120V. We now have a converter available that lets you turn two 115V household outlets into 230 Volts instantly. See Instant 230 Volt Converter here.

The "Magic" Box: Let’s talk about this converter for a moment. All the power of a 230 volt Rino off of two 115 Volt Outlets??? Our unique light weight converter essentially allows you to run our 230V Vapor Rino's on standard house hold 115 or 120 Volt outlets! Amazing but true. By plugging into two independent outlets you can combine one 115V outlet to another 115V outlet and get 230 Volts instantly. Our systems make having and using a HIGH POWERED STEAMER Easy. Learn more about our 230V converter here.

Shared Features: Both the 120V & the 230V have the same peek 145 PSI (10 Bars), and feature adjustable steam and chemical feed flow control. Both are the same size, weight, have the same hose & gun. They also have the same large accessory package. Sitting side by side you cannot tell one from the other. So what are the main differences? Let’s take a closer look...

120V = Maximum Portability. Though both VR commercial steam cleaners are the same size and weight, the 120V gives you more flexibility when it comes to where you can use it. Why? Simply because you can plug it into any standard household outlet. Running at just under 15 amps, it will work in your home, office or anywhere you can find a working 120V outlet. This flexibility makes the 120V Vapor Rino a very popular choice of among our customers. There is no doubt, the 120V version is very popular. See the 120V page here

230V = 3 Times the power! The added power of the 230V system means it can handle a LONGER HOSE up to 26 feet long. The 230 volt system heats up time 3 times faster than the 120V and has about 8 times the recovery rate of a 120V! More below. A simple rule of thumb is this: If you have or can get a place to plug it in, I would get a 230V Vapor Rino Vapor Steam System. If you can arrange to have an outlet installed or if you have a strong enough generator (6000+ running watts) OR if you are using our instant 230V dual cord device strongly consider getting the 230V version. If you can plug it in it is usually worth it. Because of their raw power our 230V units are very popular among professional users. See the 230V Rino page for more information.

The 230 Volt version is truly an amazing commercial vapor steam cleaner. With almost three times the overall vapor steam output than the 120 Volt version, the 230V, 145 PSI Vapor system is sure to impress. If you have ever worked with an all-electric 120 volt vapor steam cleaner of ANY brand one of the first things you notice is that the pressure drops quickly during use. There is no way a 120 volt, all electric, vapor steam cleaner can keep up with steam production like a 230 volt can. All 120V, all electric vapor steam cleaners on the market drop down in pressure during use. That doesn't mean they are not good machines, it simply means they just don’t have the same staying power. This is normal for a 120V system. The all electric 230V generates about 3x the steam and can maintain approximately 100 PSI during non stop use!

That being said, as a contractor, I personally used a 120 volt vapor steam cleaner for years with great success. My first unit ever was the VC 4000-S commercial steam cleaner. Similar, yet smaller than our 4000-C system. It had 65 PSI and 1600 watts with a single tank. I loved it. The Vapor Rino VR145, VC 5000-Ci and our other 120 Volt systems are light years ahead of my beloved first steamer. Now that I have tasted the quality and power of a Vapor Rino, there is no going back to my old 65 PSI unit. At either 120V or 230V, the 145 PSI, chemical injected Vapor Rino's are fantastic, high quality machines.

Quick Definition: I have 220V not 230V, what do I do?
Great question. In the USA, there is a common voltage range that all means basically the same thing. Devices made for 220V are good plugged into 220V. 230V or 240 Volt outlets. Its a lot like standard household voltage most commonly called 120 Volts. This class typically ranges from 110 volts to 120+ volts. So, if you have access to, or can get access to a 240V outlet, 230V outlet or a 220V power source, no worries, you are good to go.

120 Volt Systems:
• Warm up time is only about 15 minutes. • Recovery time is about 4 minutes. You can plug a 120 Volt Vapor Rino into any standard American outlet. So, if you're at your mom's house or at the office, no worries. Just plug it in, warm it up and get to work. There is no doubt that the 120 volt version is very convenient. Warm up time from ice cold to ready is about 15 minutes. The 120 Volt version will produce the same peek 145 PSI pressure as the 230 Volt version but it will not maintain as much steam or recover as fast. Recovery time on the 120V is about 4 minutes. Other then the power and steam generation difference, the machines have the same basic features, come with the same accessories, and are the same size and shape.

230 Volt Systems:
• The 230 Volt 145 PSI Vapor Rino’s Warm up time is only about 5 minutes from ice cold!!! The 120v takes 15 min. The 230Volt Rino maintains around 90 to 100 PSI even after 5 minutes of wide open, non-stop steaming! Let go of the trigger and about 20 to 30 seconds later you have full recovery to 145 PSI • Recovery time is only about 20 to 30 seconds!! That is about 8 times the recovery rate of the 120 Volt system. The 230V system can handle a LONGER STEAM HOSE up to 26 feet long. There are really no cons to the 230 except one. So let's address that now. The only down side to a 230 Volt Version of the Vapor Rino Commercial Vapor Steam Cleaner is that you have to have access to a 230 Volt outlet. It's that simple. You can use a generator (see generator section) or your shops 230 volt outlet. You can also have an outlet installed at your location. Having an electrician install a single outlet is usually very inexpensive. You may also consider our instant 230Volt device shown here.

See our generator info in the FAQ or Common Questions section of this page for more on picking a generator. Do Not use a underpowered generator . Make sure you pick the right size and it has the right outlet.

230 Volt PROS: Power, More Power and did we mention power? Oh yeah, and a maximum hose length of 26 feet! Yep, it is a simple choice if you have the ability to use it. 230 Volts is simply the best option if you want maximum steam generation power. Also, the heat up time from cold to hot is only about 5 minutes rather than 15 minutes, recovery rate is 15 to 20 seconds as opposed to 4 minutes with the 120 volt Vapor Rino. As you can see from those numbers, we are talking about at least 3 times the steam generation capabilities.

Both units are great. For me, I like the 120 Volt version just because I can use it anywhere, anytime, running off of an everyday outlet. If I were in the mobile detail business, a cleaning contractor with a lot of jobs lined up or a carwash expecting to do a lot of work I would probably get the 230 Volt Vapor Rino commercial steam cleaner. It all depends upon my access to a 230 volt power source and how fast I need to get the job done.

The choice is yours, both are cutting edge industry leading systems. The good news, unlike most systems on the market we give you a choice! Choice is power. Thanks for reading. Work Hard, Live Free!
Dry CAR WASH & AUTO DETAILING -- is this a good machine for this?

Absolutely! The Vapor Rino commercial steam cleaner is perfect for this kind of work! The mobile dry carwash industry is becoming very popular as more and more cities impose water restrictions. From its high power to its fully adjustable chemical and hot water injection system this machine is fantastic for this industry.

Purchase a 230 Volt version and provide you and your customers a faster service. The 230 Volt version generates about three times as much steam per minute then the 120 Volt version. This means you can clean faster than ever before.

The steam flow is 100% adjustable! This means you can easily lower the steam flow for delicate interior automotive detail work. Be it a exterior carwash, interior detailing, cleaning sticky gunk out of cup holders, around seat bolts, door jams or cleaning tires and engines. The Vapor Rino 145 PSI Chemical Injected high powered commercial vapor steam cleaner.
TILE & GROUT: Is this a good system for cleaning Tile & Grout?
Absolutely! The Vapor Rino commercial steam cleaner is an excellent TILE and GROUT cleaner. In most instances it does an amazing job clearing floor grout and mopping all kinds of hard surface floors. The Vapor Rino is a great all around cleaning service vapor steam cleaner.

Years ago I ran a bathroom renewal company. One of our services was cleaning residential and commercial floor grout. Using the grout brush and the extension poles (included) we would work the grout lines and in most cases, the floor was restored to close to new. For smaller jobs we charged by the job but in most cases we charged by the square foot. Back when I was doing it we were charging $2 a square foot. You will have to call around and get an idea on price in your local market.

The Vapor Rino, or one of our other commercial dry vapor steam cleaners do a fantastic job cleaning floor grout. This is a great service you can offer to your existing clients. What? You are an auto detailer,, how can you offer grout cleaning? Just make a brochure or flier and hand it to your customers. You will be surprised at how many people have tile floors that need updating. Good money, easy work and its a fast and easy to boost your income. While you're at it, you can clean your own tile and grout at home :)

Unlike the expensive truck mount tile and grout cleaning machines a Vapor Rino costs less and is MUCH more flexible. Try running a truck mount hose up to the 4th floor of a home or building. It's just not going to happen. On the other hand, you can take one of Vapor Rino's commercial vapor steam cleaners anywhere. 40th floor? no problem. Just bring it up and plug it in. 100% portable and effective!
FREE SHIPPING: How Long Dose It Take To Ship?
We offer free shipping on most of our Dry Vapor Steam Cleaners within the lower 48 continuous states.
Shipping most often takes from 5 to 7 Business days in the lower 48 US States. Free Shipping, some exceptions may apply!
Shipping time is based on when the item leaves the warehouse, not the time the order is placed. Most items are processed, quality control tested and ship out within 24 to 48 hours excluding weekends and holidays. Shipping time is based upon when the item leaves the warehouse.
Most items ship UPS. FREE Shipping is not available on all systems. See product page to see it that items offers free shipping. Express shipping is never free and not available on larger units.
Does this come in a dual hose format?
No sorry, none of our DRY vapor steam cleaners offer dual hoses. Our hoses are detachable and replaceable. This system works with one hose at a time.
HEATING TIME: How long does the 120 Volt version take to heat up?
From Cold to Ready to work:

120 Volt Vapor Rino:
Our testing has shown typically it is under 15 minutes for the 120 Volt VR145

230 Volt Vapor Rino:
Typically around 5 minutes for our 230 Volt version.
Dry Steam -- Wet Steam? What is the difference?
Dry Steam -- Wet Steam? What is the difference?

(120V Class)
A DRY Vapor Steam Cleaner uses about 1 Gallon of Water per HOUR

(230V Class)
This DRY Vapor Steam Cleaners uses about 2.5 Gallons of Water per HOUR

(Diesel Fired)
A WET Steam cleaner uses a little over 1 Gallon of Water per MINUTE! or 70 Gallons per hour.

* Dry Steam is great indoors and out
* Wet Steam is mostly for outdoor use only or in places with a floor drain.

Check out our "Why Wet Steam" and "Why Dry Steam" sections for more information.
What if I need Repair in the future?
--- All systems we sell are fully warranted. ---

If your dry vapor steam cleaner breaks down or is damaged in use simply give us a call. We will direct you to the nearest service center.

In most cases the end user simply sends the unit in (call first!), its repaired and sent back to the user. The process is simple and easy. Never fear, our team can get you back up and running!
Warranty - Dry Vapor Systems

1 Year Parts & Labor | 3 Years Parts Only | Lifetime of the Boiler

For: Vapor Rino 145 120V, Vapor Rino 230V, VS900-C-RIC

The factory warrants to the original purchaser that this product, excluding accessories shall be free from defects in manufacturing and material, under normal and reasonable use for a period of...

* ONE Year parts and labor.

* LIMITED LIFETIME warranty is granted for the Boiler.

* THREE Years on parts from date date of sale.

The sole and exclusive remedy under this warranty is repair or replacement at the manufacturers option, of any product that proves to be defective in manufacture or materials within the above stated period.

There will be no cash refunds on equipment that has been used.
For this warranty to apply, the owner must follow the instructions provided in this manual completely.

* A copy of the original invoice must accompany the unit when it is returned for service, together with a note explaining the problem.

* It must be shipped, in a protective carton, preferable in the original box if possible.

* The manufacturer recommends that the shipment be insured against loss or damage in transit. The manufacturer, or dealer is not responsible for damage of this kind.

Certain parts of the equipment are not covered by warranty because they require in the course of use, due to normal wear and tear, by reason of their characteristics. These are tings like cords, hoses, switches, brushes, wheel ect..

The warranty is void if:

1. Damage results from accident, misuse, fire, act of god, improper operating, use of voltage other than indicated in this manual, or unauthorized repair or alterations.

2. The product has been used with any substance other than clean tap water. Distilled water is HIGHLY reccommended.

3. The product has been used by an unauthorized person.

4. The product has been opened or serviced by the end user without pyor written permission. Opening the machine will void the warranty.

The manufacturer is not liable for any consequential or incidental damage, including personal injury, property damage, or monetary loss that may incurred from purchase, use, or improper use of the product. Maximum liability shall not exceed the purchase price of the product, paid by the original purchaser. All expressed and implied warranties for this product, including implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are limited in duration to the warranty period, and no warranties, expressed or implied, will apply the warranty period. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation or consequential damages, so the above exclusion ma not apply to you. This warranty gives you special rights which may vary from State to State.

The factory (manufacturer) does not authorize any party to assume any other warranty obligation with the sale of this product. The Manufacturer is TPA Impex. For service please call your dealer.

Just Renew it LLC nor Vapor Rino are the warranty holder for this product. We will be happy to point you in the right direction for service.
Need to ask another question?
Write us here  or  See Comparison Chart
Viper Hot Auto Wash:
72 PSI, Hot Soap & Water Injection= 120 Volt, 15A, All Electric steamer with on demand dual injection system & continuous fill! This is a Super Heated Dry Vapor Steam Cleaner WITH Hot Water & Chemical Injection System, 100% Variable Steam Output, Time Saving Continuous Refill Systems, Large Reserve Tanks, Accessories included & More! This unit is Ultra Portable at only 30lbs.
• 120 Volt, 15 Amp
Golf Cart Steam Cleaner Viper Hot Automotive Detailing Steam Cleaner
Dry Car Wash Vapor Rino Systems Dry Carwash Steam Cleaner cleans a bumper
Questions? Call or Write us here
Sorry, Out of Stock
Expected back in stock around 10-2015
FREE Shipping - lower 48 States
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